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Favorites of the Week

Hot hot hot! It has been very warm here this week and thus, the countdown to summer begins! I both love and despise summer. It’s a great time of year with so many fun things to do, eat, and see. But the heat can drive me a little insane sometimes and make me a bit cranky. Thank goodness for cool maxi skirts and fun sunglasses to save me from the heat and bright sun!

My favorites this week were fun things I saw, ate, or purchased! I hope you all enjoy and have a super weekend! Anyone have a new activity they are going to try for summer? Please share below!

summer hand sanitizers

<Fun new sanitizers for summer! You can't beat the $5/5 on these babies!>

<Yummy Korean food! We grilled the meat was so thrilling!>

<The Winchester Mystery house was so fascinating and kind of bizarre. Equal parts weird to totally awesome!>

<Fenton's Creamery serves the best sundaes I've ever had, not to mention I've been going there since I was a baby so I have special place in my heart for it!>

<I saw this giant plushie store when I was browsing The Great Mall. I want one of each please!>

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