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Must have Monday! Retro Sunglasses

I love sunglasses, especially aviator sunglasses. They look cool, classy, and chic all at once. But when I saw these sassy retro looking shades at Target I knew I must have them!

What makes these sunglasses really special and vintage to me is the faux¬†tortoiseshell¬†that rims the top of the shades. The round shape of the sunglasses rimmed in gold make them super retro looking as well. These sunglasses remind me of glasses my Grampa wore back in the 50’s and 60’s!

Vintage and vintage looking things never go out of style! So be daring, be retro, and cool when you wear these sunglasses, I know I’m going to try to!

How many of you have seen these at Target? Who owns these fabulous glasses, and who will go get a pair of their own?!

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Good Eats: Fenton’s Creamery

Fenton’s Creamery is one of those places that will be forever remembered and loved. It is the best place to get an ice cream sundae on a hot day (or even when it’s not so hot!) They have awesome sundaes and so many flavors to choose from. My favorite is The Saddleback Brownie sundae! A rich, chewy brownie covered with vanilla and chocolate ice cream loaded with their amazing hot fudge, almonds, whipped cream and a cherry! It is to die for! Thinking about it makes me want one right now!

Fenton’s has been around since 1894 and I’ve been coming here since I was a baby! It is a place that will forever be special in my heart. I will always love coming here and will always love their out of this world sundaes! If you are in the area check them out! The line might be long, but trust me it’s totally worth the wait!

Have you ever been to Fenton’s? Who will make a trip there to try them if you haven’t?!

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Must have Monday! Jade and Gold Sandals

I love Target as I’m sure you all can see by now! I go to Target probably more than I should, but I always find so many cute things I just keep coming back. One of my favorite things at Target this season is their sandals. They have so many to choose from, like leopard print, black with gold accents, champagne glitter, royal blue, pink coral, and earthy brown. Some are braided some are gladiators, some are made to look trendy, and some are just plain and simple.

My favorite pair I’ve picked up are these gorgeous jade green and gold flat sandals. The color is just out of this world. And to top it off it had a gold bar down the center. I’m totally in love with these! They also have other fun colors like black, hot pink, and off-white! I want one in every color, but that’s pushing it! So if you love green and gold and are a sucker for fun sandals these are a must have in your life!

jade and gold sandals

You can find these at your local Target or online here! But hurry my store was running out of them quickly! How many of you own these sandals? Do you love them or wish you had bought a different pair instead?


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Favorites of the Week

Hot hot hot! It has been very warm here this week and thus, the countdown to summer begins! I both love and despise summer. It’s a great time of year with so many fun things to do, eat, and see. But the heat can drive me a little insane sometimes and make me a bit cranky. Thank goodness for cool maxi skirts and fun sunglasses to save me from the heat and bright sun!

My favorites this week were fun things I saw, ate, or purchased! I hope you all enjoy and have a super weekend! Anyone have a new activity they are going to try for summer? Please share below!

summer hand sanitizers

<Fun new sanitizers for summer! You can't beat the $5/5 on these babies!>

<Yummy Korean food! We grilled the meat was so thrilling!>

<The Winchester Mystery house was so fascinating and kind of bizarre. Equal parts weird to totally awesome!>

<Fenton's Creamery serves the best sundaes I've ever had, not to mention I've been going there since I was a baby so I have special place in my heart for it!>

<I saw this giant plushie store when I was browsing The Great Mall. I want one of each please!>

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