How To: Navy Winged Liner

One of my favorite and easiest things to do is a winged liner. I usually just wear a skin toned eyeshadow and black winged liner, a bit of mascara and blush, and that’s it! But sometimes for a fun and different look I like to wear navy instead. It’s chic, gives a pop of color and is not over the top. Winged liner can be a bit tricky, but with the right tools, practice and a little patience you can create a beautiful look.

My favorite eyeliner for this look is the Maybelline eye studio gel liner in sapphire. Its dark but still bright enough to be noticed as a navy color rather than black. The other essentials is the $3 dollar ELF studio line eyeliner brush. This is my favorite brush to use since it makes creating the wing so easy because of its tiny, angled brush. Lastly, I like to top my eyeliner with L’oreal’s 24HR Infallible eyeshadow in midnight blue so that my liner will stay all day and not smudge as much.

As you can see in the photos it is so easy to create this navy winged eyeliner! First start from the inner corner of your eye and just work in short strokes until you reach the end of your eye. To create the wing use the aid of your eyeliner brush. Because it is angled turn the brush so the angled part would be where the wing is and just pull up. Stop at your desired wing length. Now use a very small brush to go over the liner with the navy shadow. Curl your lashes and add mascara and voila, a lovely navy winged eye!

navy winged liner

I think this is a easy and perfect summer look! Not to much, but just enough! How many of you will try this look? How many of you already do? Be brave! And don’t worry, practice makes perfect!


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  1. Sahar May 22, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    Wow.. I’ve always loves the winged eye liner but somehow end up making a mess:(

    Btw navy goes Soooo well with ur eye color.. Love it:)

    • Katie May 22, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

      Thank you!! Just practice it gets easier every time! You can do it! :)

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