Favorites of the Week

I’m so happy for the weekend and looking forward to relaxing, doing chores, and maybe seeing a movie. It has been a hectic week with lots of new changes coming up. But for now things are happy and I can’t wait for the summer months ahead! Here are some of my favorite things I purchased or ate this past week! I hope you all have a superb weekend and do something fun and exciting!

rosegold watch

<Beautiful rosegold watch I got at Target for only $14.99! I was so excited when I found this!>

glitter polish

<Two super sparkly, glitter polishes I picked up and Bed, Bath and Beyond! My favorite is the silver hologram one, it's to die for>

krispy kreme

<Favorite donut at Krispy Kreme has to be the sprinkled or the maple donut! I call them "pillows of heaven" since they are so light and airy.>

martha stewart magazines

<Catching up on the latest issues of Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple. Really great recipe ideas inside for Summer!>


<I love Chipotle so much! I know it's not healthy for you but it just tastes so fresh and delicious!>

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  1. (@KatieZain) (@KatieZain) - May 18, 2012

    Favorites of the week! #glitterpolish, #krispykreme, and #rosegoldwatch http://t.co/94SwO5F7