Olive Hummus

One of my favorite snacks (or sometimes meals if I’m really hungry) is hummus! I love it in varying flavors and textures. Some are creamy and smooth, while others are more hearty and chunky. The one I repeatedly buy is olive hummus from Trader Joe’s. It combines the perfect textures of creamy and chunky and flavors of salty and tangy. The olives create that wonderful texture and adds a good amount of ¬†salty brine flavor. One day I thought I’m sure I could make my own, so I did!

The ingredients are simple and very affordable. I got everything for about $5 and made about double the amount I would get if I purchased it. The recipe I used was a basic simple hummus recipe, I just added green and kalamata olives to the recipe. I believe I added around 10-15 of each. Next time when I make this I will omit the salt completely as the olives are salty already, and maybe add less olives so I get the good balance of creamy and chunky texture. I ate mine with pita chips, but you can eat it with veggies, bread or crackers.

If you love hummus I think you should definitely try this out! It’s a very good base hummus recipe that you can add anything you like to. I think next time I will add cilantro and jalapenos, my second favorite hummus from Trader Joe’s! What is your favorite hummus? Will you be trying this recipe?

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