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DIY: Wish Bracelet

Wish bracelets are such a fun concept. You wear the bracelet make a wish and once the bracelet falls off your wish comes true! I wore them as a kid and got one almost every summer I visited my grandparents. I always got the green one, my favorite color! I decided why not make my own, but instead of hemp and seed beads, use colored sewing floss and brightly colored beads. My color combinations were inspired by these bracelets from Anthropologie.

They are super simple to make and very affordable too! Supplies you will need are colored floss, bright fun beads, scissors, and your hands! It is a very easy bracelet to make, but the colors and the simplicity of these delicate bracelets makes them super fun to wear. Play around with different colors too, to see what you like best!

wish bracelet materials

Wish bracelet instructions

Wish Bracelet Diy

Here are my final bracelets! I’m thrilled with the way they turned out! Once your done tie them on and wear til they fall off. Don’t forget to make a wish! I hope my explanation was clear, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. How many of you are going to make your own wish bracelet?



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