Archive | April 30, 2012

Must have Monday! Neon Storage Boxes

One of my favorite things to do while shopping at Target is look at the $1 section! It’s so much fun to scope out fun and new things! Everything is usually so cute and for only $1, who could pass that up?! Last week I was browsing my Target’s $1 section and found these amazing and cool neon storage boxes. I got one of each color, neon hot pink, lime, day-glow yellow, and bright blue!

I got them without even thinking of what I could store in them, but quickly found many uses. I used them to store my earrings, small makeup items, and office supplies. They are perfect for small, loose items that could easily get lost. I also think they would work wonders when traveling or in your purse, just be sure to secure them with a rubberband so they don’t come flying open in your bag! I can’t tell you how much I love these! Such punchy bright colors certainly brighten up anything and make me smile! These neon boxes are a must have!!

How many of you love these neon, plastic storage boxes? Who is going to run out to their local Target and pick some up?!

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