Archive | April 19, 2012

Grown-up S’mores

I don’t know of one kid who doesn’t love a s’more. As a child I too loved them. Whether it was at home in the microwave, over a camp-fire, or probably my favorite, over a tiny candle, during the summer with my best friends. S’mores were always a winner no matter how they were made. I haven’t had one in a very long time and I thought it was high time I made some!

I didn’t just want any old s’more, I wanted a grown-up s’more! I took the basic concept of using a graham cracker and marshmallow but used decadent, rich dark chocolate with toffee pieces and nuts or my favorite caramel and sea salt. My second s’more is with “Ultimate Vanilla Wafers,” made with Madagascar vanilla beans. You can actually see and taste the tiny vanilla beans and it makes for a truly amazing cookie! Add a chocolate orange stick and you have a sweet fruity, new take on the classic s’more.

Combine these yummy ingredients and you get the perfect grown-up s’more!

Be careful though, you might just end up with heart-shaped chocolate all over your hands like I did when I was eating mine!

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