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Diy: Glitter Headbands

Are any of you glitter lovers? If so then this is the diy project for you! I personally love glitter on shoes, nails, any accessory really. One of my favorite glitter accessories is headbands! I have two glitter headbands I bought from H&M several years ago in gold and silver. But I wanted more and in different colors, so I made some myself! To get started you will need only a few things.

  1.  Headbands
  2. Glitter in various colors
  3. Tacky glue
  4. Foam brush
  5. Paper to cover the surface you’re working on
I purchased my headbands at Joann’s Fabric and Craft Store. And glitter at Michael’s Craft Store. Once you have all your materials you’re ready!

Tips: Use headbands of the same color as your glitter to create a more vibrant and coordinating headband.
           Apply glue with a light, even hand for a smooth surface to adhere the glitter.
           Make sure you let your headband dry overnight before wearing it.
           Tap off excess glitter once headband is mostly dry.
           Be sure to save your excess glitter by funneling it back into the tube by bending your paper.
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