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Must have Monday! Neon Storage Boxes

One of my favorite things to do while shopping at Target is look at the $1 section! It’s so much fun to scope out fun and new things! Everything is usually so cute and for only $1, who could pass that up?! Last week I was browsing my Target’s $1 section and found these amazing and cool neon storage boxes. I got one of each color, neon hot pink, lime, day-glow yellow, and bright blue!

I got them without even thinking of what I could store in them, but quickly found many uses. I used them to store my earrings, small makeup items, and office supplies. They are perfect for small, loose items that could easily get lost. I also think they would work wonders when traveling or in your purse, just be sure to secure them with a rubberband so they don’t come flying open in your bag! I can’t tell you how much I love these! Such punchy bright colors certainly brighten up anything and make me smile! These neon boxes are a must have!!

How many of you love these neon, plastic storage boxes? Who is going to run out to their local Target and pick some up?!

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Favorites of the Week

I hope everyone had a lovely week. Mine went by so fast it seems somewhat of a blur. Colorful things peaked my interest this week, not that they usually don’t, it just seems more so this week! I love color, its one of those things that can change moods, spark interest and be just plain mesmerizing. Here are some favorites of mine, all so colorful and bright! What were some of your favorite things this week?

<Colorful gummy bears! All natural, from Trader Joes.>

<A fun and bright yellow striped notepad from the $1 section at Target!>

<This sweet, pastel rainbow pinwheel brightens my day every time I see it blowing in the wind.>

<Polka dots+cupcake liners=Love at first sight! I adore these and can't wait to bake something so I can use them!>

<Juicy, red strawberries are so tasty right now! I could eat them everyday!>

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Neon Nuance

The large and exaggerated use of neon colors can be a bit over the top in my opinion. That’s why I think small bursts of neon colors are much more appropriate and less loud than a fluorescent, day-glo shirt or pants. To achieve this fun and trendy look of neons, accessories are key. Through shoes, bags, jewelry or nails, it’s a much more subtle and glamorous look. A fun pop of color is fresh, fun and young! How many of you are trying the neon trend this spring?


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5 Spring Lipsticks

A pretty swipe of lipstick is the perfect compliment to a spring day. Spring lipsticks should be soft and pretty, just like the season itself. Here are 5 of my favorite spring lipsticks, some old and some new! These are all drugstore lipsticks from Revlon, L’oreal, and Maybelline. Spring is all about pastels and neutral tones. My favorites this season range from peachy nudes, soft roses and pinks, to light corals and oranges. These shades are natural and don’t over-power anything you might be wearing. The three from the left are all Revlon and as you can see in the swatch below are more sheer. The fourth and fifth is from L’oreal and Maybelline. These two are much more opaque and pigmented. I adore them all and I do hope you try them out for the spring season!

Swatches from L-R: Just Enough Buff, Primrose, Wink for Pink, Summer Rose, Coral Carnation

What are your favorite lipstick shades for the spring? Please let me know, I would love to hear!


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Chicken Tacos with Avocado and Grapefruit Salsa

I was searching for a good taco recipe because I wanted to have a “Taco Tuesday” dinner night, and when I came across this one I knew it would be delicious! This recipe is not only simple, it takes no time to make! You only need a few ingredients and many I already had on hand. My favorite part of this meal was actually the avocado and grapefruit salsa. It was so different and refreshing, I just loved it.

I changed two things to the recipe. First I added the addition of orange tomatoes to give a freshness to the tacos. I also toasted white corn tortillas on the stove rather than using crispy shells. This gave a crunchy exterior, yet soft inside to the taco shell. These tacos were really outstanding and will be perfect for these upcoming hot summer months! If anyone tries these please let me know if you loved them!



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